Hawaii: Part 3

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Obviously, high on the list when we decided we were going to Hawaii was making a stop at Pearl Harbor. Just like when I walked the beaches of Normandy, as I looked at where a fleet of American ships were docked on a peaceful Sunday morning in 1941, I found myself wishing I knew more of their stories. More of the history behind what happened. And so very grateful that throughout the years, men have bled and died so I can live in a free country.

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Hawaii: Part 2

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The beaches we went to were so beautiful. The water was crystal clear, and changed colors with the color of the sky. My favorite was the North Shore – 7 miles of gorgeous beach front.

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We went kayaking one afternoon

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If you ever have the chance to surf; do it!

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There have been times in my life when I think we do not desire heaven; but more often, I find myself wondering whether, in my heart of hearts, we have ever desired anything else. C.S. Lewis

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Our last day, it was rainy in the morning, but so worth it, because this huge rainbow appeared!



Hawaii: Part 1

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You know those places that everyone talks about? Either because they’ve been, or because they’d like to go? Hawaii is definitely one of those places. With all the hype it gets, I wondered if maybe it was overrated. Public Service Announcement: it’s not. When we were stuck in Ecuador last summer, my friend Lydia and I started plotting our annual winter adventure. She threw out Hawaii as an idea, and we ran with it. It was so much fun to explore this beautiful state for a few days.

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This was the view from our AirBnB
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Our first morning, we did the Pill Box Hike

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One of my favorite meals in Hawaii…SO good
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Tantalus Lookout was a favorite spot. It was such a cool view of Honolulu and Diamond Head

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Thursday we did Diamond Head Crater. It was so windy at the top!

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The last night in Hawaii we got dressed up and ate at a restaurant that was surrounded by beautiful gardens

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