An Afternoon at Maymont


MKW_20180506MKW_0284© Meagan Wanschura

“Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think.
It’s splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.” 

MKW_20180506MKW_0293© Meagan Wanschura

On our last day together in Virginia, we packed a picnic lunch, and had a delightful afternoon wandering through the gardens at Maymont. It reminded me of being in Europe. The day was delightful, and the gardens were beautiful. It was the perfect way to spend our last day.

MKW_20180506MKW_0340© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180506MKW_0344© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180506MKW_0346© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180506MKW_0354© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180506MKW_0360© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180506MKW_0376© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180506MKW_0380© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180506MKW_0392© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180506MKW_0418© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180506MKW_0471© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180506MKW_0489© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180506MKW_0494© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180506MKW_0496© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180506MKW_0500© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180506MKW_0504© Meagan Wanschura

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