Hawaii: Part 3

MKW_20180116MKW_0020© Meagan Wanschura

Obviously, high on the list when we decided we were going to Hawaii was making a stop at Pearl Harbor. Just like when I walked the beaches of Normandy, as I looked at where a fleet of American ships were docked on a peaceful Sunday morning in 1941, I found myself wishing I knew more of their stories. More of the history behind what happened. And so very grateful that throughout the years, men have bled and died so I can live in a free country.

MKW_20180116MKW_0021© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180116MKW_0024© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180116MKW_0027© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180116MKW_0029© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180116MKW_0032© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180116MKW_0044© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180116MKW_0046© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180116MKW_0053© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180116MKW_0055© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180119MKW_0610© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180119MKW_0618© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180119MKW_0623© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180119MKW_0627© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180119MKW_0628© Meagan Wanschura

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