California Adventures

MKW_20180113MKW_9747© Meagan Wanschura

On my way to and from Hawaii (posts coming soon!), I stopped over in California for some quick visits with friends. LA on the way out, San Francisco on the way home. Hiking, enjoying good company, and of course plenty of In-N-Out were the theme of this part of the trip.

MKW_20180113MKW_9782© Meagan Wanschura

MKW_20180113MKW_9787© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180113MKW_9796© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180113MKW_9828© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180113MKW_9859© Meagan WanschuraMKW_20180113MKW_9881© Meagan Wanschura

MKW_20180120MKW_0685© Meagan Wanschura

MKW_20180120MKW_0693© Meagan Wanschura

MKW_20180120MKW_0708© Meagan Wanschura

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