MKW_20171003MKW_9561© Meagan Wanschura

“Africa. It’s pretty crazy to step foot on five continents in five months. Africa is a sensory barrage. Walk through a crowded market street and you’ll encounter burrows pulling carts, motorcycles racing by, pedestrians window shopping, vendors vying for your attention, snake charmers, monkeys on leashes, not to mention the smells of the leather, spices, and food that are being sold there…”

Somewhere along the trip planning line, one of us – neither one of us is owning up to it- decided that Morocco would be a cool place to go. It was cool. For like the first two hours. And then I think we were both ready to be done. The heat, the noise, the smell, the constant pressure to buy things, quickly became overwhelming. Most afternoons we would return to our Riad exhausted, take a nap, cool down in the pool, and then work up the energy to brave the city to find some dinner.

One day, we escaped the hustle of the city and drove out to the desert for a hot air balloon ride.

MKW_20171004MKW_9598© Meagan Wanschura

MKW_20171004MKW_9647© Meagan Wanschura

MKW_20171004MKW_9663© Meagan Wanschura

MKW_20171004MKW_9667© Meagan Wanschura

After the hot air balloon ride, we went to a palm grove and rode camels. Although the whole experience was somewhat overpriced, getting away for awhile was definitely worth it!

MKW_20171004MKW_9678© Meagan Wanschura

Our last day we went on an architectural tour of the city, which was pretty cool too.

MKW_20171005MKW_9796© Meagan Wanschura

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